3 reasons why your small business needs a good accountant

Do you run a small business?

Having frustrations dealing with taxes, payroll, expenses, budgets, etc.?

You should probably hire a small business accountant and here are 3 reasons why:

1 – Most small businesses overpay their taxes

An accountant can help make sure your business isn’t paying too much when it comes to taxes.

As a business, whether it be carpet cleaning, window washing, auto repair, or dentistry, you are entitled to paying the least amount of taxes that you legally have to. Sounds obvious, but it’s a point that gets overlooked a lot.

Accountants will help you organize expenses so that you can ensure you are getting write-offs when they are appropriate.

This means your food, gas, travel expenses, and hotel bills can all be written off as long as they were used for business purposes.

Did you meet with someone on your vacation and discussed business issues? This is an example of a business write-off expense.

Did you take a client out to dinner and a round of golf? Great, write this off too.

You will be amazed at how much money your small business can save by hiring a small business accountant.

2 – Your time is too valuable

If you’re the owner, founder, CEO, or even a manager, your time needs to be spent doing more productive things for your company. Not paying the bills.

Leave it to your accountant to handle, from expense reports, to web hosting issues, to tax write-off information. You shouldn’t be spending your valuable time doing this kind of stuff.

Simply outsourcing it to a professional helps you make sure the job is done right, efficiently, and the bottom line is that you don’t have to spend your own time figuring it out.

3 – Online accounting is even better

What’s better than having a personal small business accountant?

Having a virtual or online personal accountant, of course.

Unless she’s that hot secretary that greets visitors at your business, paying for someone to come to your office to do work that can easily be done remotely doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Hiring an online accountant means you can completely outsource all your accounting needs with a few clicks of a mouse and a detailed email or two with your information.

It is important that you make sure the online accounting firm is reputable and can be trusted before you give away any information about your company.

Websites like CompanyReviews.com rank and review different companies in different categories. This would be a good place to make sure the company you are interested in has good ratings.


There’s really no secret to fully automating all of your company’s accounting needs.

Simply put in an easy to follow, three-step process:

1- identify your company needs – what are you looking to accomplish?

2- set aside a monthly budget of what you are willing to spend

3- research the best online accounting firms and chose the best fit

Easy as that!

Once you have experienced having an online accountant, you will never go back to your old ways of trying to handle that confusion on your own.

Leave it to the pros so you can focus on the important stuff, like growing your business.

This was a guest post written by Tanner Page. He’s the founder of HealthRanks.org, a website that reviews and ranks the most popular health supplements. He also contributes for Nugenix Supps.


How To Earn An Online Accounting Degree

As the world is becoming more digital than ever, the field of accounting has also left its manual processes behind. Not only the way of working in the field is changing, but there is also a change in the way people are learning. This is also the reason why there is a wide range of online learning resources for the students who are aspiring to learn about accounts.

In this post, we would learn about how the world of accountancy has changed and how many options are available for the students who are looking to earn the best online accounting degree.

If you are wishing to earn an accounting degree online, you would definitely be saving a lot of time and money. As you don’t have to be present in the classes all the while, you would have time that can be dedicated to other activities, especially if you are working. Secondly, these degrees are available for a far lesser cost as compared to the campus degrees.

Therefore, if you have not been able to continue your studies because of high costs of tuitions, you would now be able to afford it very easily. Not only this, you can give your assessment tests online and also become a part of a varied community of students. You would also be able to relieve the necessary licenses and certificates in your field because of the degree that you have received. As per the rules, you would have to earn about 150 college credits hours.

This would make you eligible for the CPA exam. This is equivalent to about 5 years of school education. These credits are easier to achieve when you are learning online. Here is a simplified procedure by which you would be able to get an accounting degree online.

How to get an online accounting degree

  1. Understand your career goals- there are many kinds of accounting degrees available online. You would be able to decide on the degree that you want to earn only when you understand how it would help in forwarding your career goals. To become a Certified Public Accountant, you would have to earn 150 college credits as well as a bachelor’s degree i.e. a master’s degree needs to be earned. If you simply want to learn about accounting or become an administrative assistant or a bookkeeper, then you would need only a 2-year associate’s degree in accounting.
  2. Look for the different kinds of degrees available to you- the degrees may include a bachelor’s in accounts or even a master’s in science. Many accredited online degree programs are offered by campus based universities while some are offered by solely online providers. So check what you are looking for. When opting for online only classes, pay a lot of attention to accreditation.
  3. Determine your budget- if you are going to earn a CPA, then you would have to spend as many as 5 years in the learning. However, for an associate degree, it would be only 2 years and so on. So determine your budget as well.
  4. Register for the online accounting degree- when you are sure that a program being offered by a particular university is in accordance with your career goals, simply go and register on their website. You would be able to pay online only. Therefore, there is a lot of convenience that can be offered to you.